How to create a tabs in blogger?

It is very important to have tabs / menu in the website, Website / blog is incomplete without it. For example, Just as humans need oxygen to survive. Similarly, When we create tabs, it has a category that makes the user easy to choose topics, For example, Home, YouTube, Blogger's Tabs / Menu is made in my website If the user wants to know about YouTube You can read all the articles related to YouTube by clicking one on the YouTube tab. If you want to know about blogger So you can read all the articles about Blogger by clicking on the tabs of Blogger. Making tabs has two advantages 1. This increases the view 2. The user has the ability to choose a category Now you may know how important it is to create tabs in the website So let me tell you now How to create tabs menu in Blogger.

1. Create Pages Tabs

First we will learn how to add a page to the tab. You need to create a page for this Which you want to put in tabs. To create a page, go to the main menu of Blogger's Dashboard and Click on the "Pages" option on the left side of the screen. After clicking, click on the "new page" button above Then insert the title of the page and the article/content. after that insert the title of the page and the article/content.

Next, click on the "Layout" option, Then Click on the "add a gadget" link. As soon as you click, a pop-up window will open In that, the "Page" option will appear Click on it.

2. Create Labels Tabs

To create labels tabs "Layout > Add a Gadgets > Pages > Add external link"
Insert labels URL After clicking  in that and Click on the "save" button And then your labels' tabs will be created.


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Gender Expert
4 May 2022 at 02:30 delete

Sir, how we can add tabbed content in article.
Content Tabes

4 May 2022 at 02:35 delete

Kindly explain that tabbed content are seo friendly or not, moreover its impact on google AdSense earing.
How to add tabbed content in blogger


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