How to Create a static front page in blogger-Trylity

Instead of viewing the home page in Blogger, you can emphasize the Static Home page. The static home page is fixed, no matter how many times the website is updated, there will be no changes to the static home page.

Creating a static home page is very easy to follow the given steps and successfully create a static home page.

Create your static home page

First of all, you will have to create a new page in Blogger that you want to put in the static home page.
To create a page, go to the main menu of the Blogger Dashboard and click on the "page" option on the left side of the screen.After clicking, click on the "new page" option. On the click, the Page Editor dashboard will open, Then add content to which you want to insert and Enter the page title and click on the Publish button.

After publishing, you will be back in the "All page" menu again And your page will show there, Copy the URL of the page that you created the page. Because it will need later.

Redirect the default home page to the static one

To redirect, you can click on "Setting" on the left of the Blogger dashboard screen And select "Search Preferences" followed by the "Custom Redirects" option. Click on the "Edit" link.

As soon as you click, a pop-up window will open there. where you'll see two boxes named "From" (with your blog's URL beside it) and "To".
In the "From" box, enter only a forward slash symbol "/".In the "To" box, paste the URL that you copied earlier and add the latter part of the URL of the "Welcome" page. For instance, the page's URL of our demo blog is, so we'll remove the "" address and add only "/p/welcome.html" in the "To:" box. The "/p" signifies that it's a static page.

Next, click on the small box next to Permanent And Click on "save" link and press "save changes" button Doing this will redirect your site's main URL to your new static home page.
Now if you look at your site, the static home page will appear.

If you want to create tabs along with the static home page So you can read this article.


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