How to add Custom thumbnail in YouTube?

In this article, we will learn how to put thumbnails on YouTube. You may have seen on YouTube when a thumbnail display is displayed on the video so it looks good. The costume thumbnail is made to attract the logo. So that people can click on them to see them.

Why customize thumbnail in youtube?

A good Costume Thumbnail tells the logo exactly what is the end of the video if the thumbnail is good, then the click will be more CTR or click through rate will be more. Let's learn how to put a custom thumbnail on YouTube.

Add or change video thumbnail

1. Open YouTube in your browser

2. Sign in to your YouTube account. 

3. Log in your YouTube account.

4. click on the My Channel button on the left of the page.

5. Next, click on the video manager button

6. Choose the video that you want to change the thumbnails and click the Edit button below

7. Click Custom Thumbnail button.
YouTube automatically generates three different thumbnails. You can also select another thumbnail or click on the Custom thumbnail button.

8. Select the thumbnail which you want to add and click on the Open button.

9. Finally, Click the Save ch button near the top right corner of the page.

And now your thumbnail is completely changed


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